Thursday, September 20, 2012

Introduction to the Missional Church

In a 1998 book by Darrell L. Guder he explains that there has been a decline in dedication from Americans to the established church. He presents that the missional church is the new growing trend in the world and that the way church as we know it needs an overhaul as it pertains to ministry. Many concepts and models of ministry have recently been implemented with some success but it may be short-lived. The “contemporary” church is young, hip, and attractive to anyone under 50 in the US. These mega-churches have formed an entertaining and heartwarming church experience but nonetheless it is still the same church. Live bands, pastors in jeans, mobile apps, and small group studies are all well and good with intention but will not sustain a church for the ages.

The mission of the modern church is to “fill the pews on Sunday”. Everyone is expected to be at church on
Sunday and be involved in monthly dinners and holiday social events. Is this the model of worship that Jesus
wants? I will argue that Jesus’ never intended for anyone to just show up to church at 10:30 every Sunday when it was convenient for them. The fulfillment of the Great Commission is our true calling in God’s Kingdom. Jesus said “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them”. The word “go” is more than likely the key word in this passage. Go means to move or travel or proceed. In a ministry sense, go would mean to actually move into the community that surrounds you and not stay docile in the four walls of your church. The second part of the sentence says to “make disciples of all the nations”. Adding this part to the definition of “go” is saying to proceed into the community, teaching everybody of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The last part of the quoted text is “baptizing them”. This is crucial to the meaning of the commission. A baptism is a transforming and renewal of a person into a life with Christ.

Taking this understanding of the text, we can now form a mission statement that should be the root of all Christian ministries. “Travel into your communities and the world, educating everyone of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and baptizing them so that they may be washed of their sins and live eternally with God Almighty."

In weeks to come I will be posting interesting links about missional ministries and the like.  Also I will be placing weekly articles pertaining to the missional church.

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  1. The church needs us, our generation, to find a way to lead the youth. Through mission work, projects and helping the people we find along the way in our daily living we can show the love of Christ more than any greeting in a church will ever show. While fellowship with believers is necessary to maintain morale and encourage one another, we need to focus on the "go" and enter into our communities, reaching, teaching, preaching, baptizing, leading, changing and saving everyone we can for Jesus. Blessing to you!! I miss you baby brother.